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Magic Kingdom maps

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Once you go down Main Street, there’s a hub right in front of Cinderella Castle that leads you to all of the lands of Magic Kingdom, making it fairly easy to navigate.

Get some Magic Kingdom maps to help you during your trip.

Disney’s official Magic Kingdom park map

When you enter Magic Kingdom, you can pick up a park map on your way in, or…

…you can download one before your trip to study how it’s all laid out before you get there.

Shortcut Magic Kingdom maps

Though the hub-and-spoke layout of the park makes it fairly easy to navigate, there are a couple of shortcuts you might consider when you’re there.

Tomorrowland shortcut

When you’re trying to navigate between Main Street and Tomorrowland, there’s no need to go through the hub to do that.

You can cut through Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant area to get between instead. As a bonus, it’s mostly covered which is a great chance to get out of the sun or rain.

Frontierland shortcut

Over in Frontierland, there’s a path along the water that’s often much easier to use than the often-busy main area that people use to navigate.

This an especially great way to go if your touring plan has you going from Haunted Mansion to Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Get more info on Magic Kingdom

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