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Complete Guide to Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World

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Published: October 24, 2018 Updated: April 22, 2021

Complete Guide to Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World

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Complete Guide to Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World

Typhoon Lagoon is one of 2 Disney-owned water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. With its towering palm trees and island feel, you’ll find it far more tropical than its counterpart over at Blizzard Beach and a popular destination for guests wanting a break from the main theme parks.

But, just like the theme parks, a little advanced planning can help you minimize your waits and maximize your experience, and we have the tips and resources to help you do just that.

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Let’s take a look…

Typhoon Lagoon tickets

Guests wanting to visit Typhoon Lagoon have multiple options for tickets:

1 day tickets to Typhoon Lagoon

Cost: $73.49 adult/$67.10 child (tax included)

If you plan on only visiting a Disney water park 1 time and if you aren’t purchasing Park Hopper tickets, this is your best option. If you plan on visiting a Disney water park on multiple days, you’ll want to consider adding on either the Park Hopper Plus or the Water Park and Sports option to a base ticket.

Park Hopper Plus

Park Hopper Plus tickets (used to be called Park Hopper + Water Park Fun & More) allow you to park hop between the 4 main theme parks, plus they give you extra entry entitlements into venues outside of the main parks.

The number of extra entries you receive equals the number of days on your ticket (so a 5 day ticket gets you 5 extra entries), and you can use them in any combination (including going back to the same place more than once) at the following locations:

  • Blizzard Beach
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • NBA Experience 
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
  • Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course – FootGolf and Golfing
  • Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course

Water Park & Sports

If you plan to make 2 or more visits to the places listed above BUT you know you won’t want to hop between parks, you can purchase the Water Park & Sports option.

With this add-on you can visit one theme park each day of your ticket plus, based on the length of your ticket, you can also enjoy a certain number of visits to a water park or other Disney World sports-related experience from the Park Hopper Plus list.

Annual Passes

You can purchase an Annual Pass to just the water parks for $148.04 and the Platinum Plus Annual Pass also has water park entries included in its price.

Typhoon Lagoon map

Want a map you can download? Check out the PDF of the Typhoon Lagoon map.

Typhoon Lagoon Map


Typhoon Lagoon hours and annual refurbishment

Typhoon Lagoon Park Hours

Like all Walt Disney World parks, the hours for Blizzard Beach are posted 180 days in advance.  To make it easy, we compile all park hour information in one spot on our Crowd Calendars so you don’t have to.

These handy crowd calendars also include the entertainment and firework information for all parks, and they can be found on the monthly pages under the Crowd Calendar section at the top of the site.

In addition to the Crowd Calendars, the monthly pages also provide information on:

  • refurbishments
  • special events
  • overall park crowd levels
  • reservation dates
  • + more!

Visit the Crowd Calendar now to find the Typhoon Lagoon park hours for your trip. 

Avoid crowds at Disney World

Typhoon Lagoon refurbishment

Once a year (during the winter months) each of the Disney water parks closes for an extended refurbishment. Which park closes first usually alternates, but be sure to double check your Monthly Dashboard for current refurbishment information if you plan on visiting a water park between the end of October and mid-March. 

Typhoon Lagoon and the weather

The water at Typhoon Lagoon is heated, making the park a good choice to visit during most days of the year; however, during inclement weather or if an extended bout of cold temperatures are predicted, Disney will close the water parks.

During the summertime, afternoon storms are a common occurrence and will result in the park closing. Unless the storms look to be long-lasting, this closure is usually temporary and often results in a mass exodus of guests, meaning if you can handle dealing with rain for a bit you’ll often find shorter lines after the all-clear to get back in the water is given.

Since closures can happen while you are on your vacation, the best way of keeping up to date is to use the My Disney Experience app on your phone to check current park information.

Typhoon Lagoon touring plan

All of the Typhoon Lagoon attractions are listed below. If you arrive at park opening, do things in this order: slides, lazy river, wave pool.

Arriving mid-day? Just reverse that order.

Typhoon Lagoon slides and attractions

Note: Even though lots of the slides may not have a height requirement, it is important to know that some empty into water that can be quite deep and anybody riding a slide that requires the use of a raft must be able to hang onto their raft independently (you can’t hold your child on your lap, for example).  


Storm Slides

3 body slides (no raft) that drop you 3 stories before depositing you into a pool at the bottom.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Yes
Tips: These slides are open making them a nice option for those that don't enjoy the enclosed slides.

Miss Adventure Falls

This new family raft-ride carries you up to the top of the mountain on a conveyor belt before being sent back down through the rapids in search of treasures from around the world.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Yes
Tips: This attraction has the only animatronic at either of the Disney water parks - a talking parrot!

Mayday Falls

The most intense of the 3 raft rides on Mount Mayday, this slide is the longest (and highest) slide at Typhoon Lagoon.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody that likes thrills and can hold onto their raft independently (guests must ride solo).
Recommended? Yes
Tips: This slide can be rough when hitting the bottom so be sure to hang on tight to avoid being flipped into the water before you're ready to exit your raft.

Keelhaul Falls

The least intense of the 3 raft rides on Mount Mayday, this slide has you spinning down an open slide before landing with a splash at the bottom.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Yes
Tips: The splash at the end can be a little rough so be sure to hang on tight all the way to the bottom.

Humunga Kowabunga

Three thrilling 214 feet downhill enclosed slides all set at a 60-degree angle.

Height req.: 48 inches
Suitable for: Anybody that likes thrills and can handle enclosed, dark spaces.
Recommended? Yes
Tips: This slide drops 5 stories in just a few seconds so be sure to secure your suit before heading down.

Gangplank Falls

One of 3 raft-rides on Mount Mayday (this one is in the middle in regards to intensity), this 300-foot-long waterslide lets guests in groups of 4 travel down the mountain while spinning through rapids and waterfalls.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Maybe. This used to be the only family raft-ride in Typhoon Lagoon and many people found it a disappointment when compared to Teamboat Springs at Blizzard Beach. The new Miss Adventure Falls at Typhoon Lagoon is a better option for a family raft-ride.
Tips: This slide can be a good time filler but its not worth waiting in a long line to ride. If your group has fewer than 4 people you may be asked to combine with other riders.

Crush ’n’ Gusher

This one-of-a-kind, multi-passenger, water roller-coaster is one of the signature attractions of Typhoon Lagoon. Guests have the option of 3 different slides (2 that are for multiple riders and 1 for solo riders).

Height req.: 48 inches
Suitable for: Guests 48 inches tall and those that can carry their raft up several flights of stairs.
Recommended? Yes. This is the only water roller-coaster at the Disney water parks and is a lot of fun.
Tips: The rollers that help propel you forward can be a little rough on the backside so try lifting your tail up to avoid any unwelcome bumps. The pool where the slides empty are generally less crowded than the wave pool and can make a nice spot to relax.

Wave pool & lazy river

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

Far more than your average wave pool, the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool creates waves that are large enough to surf on (6-feet tall) about every 90 seconds (this continues for about 90 minutes), followed by approximately 30 minutes of much milder, more child-friendly waves.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody. However, smaller children would probably prefer the calmer waves than the large ones.
Recommended? Yes
Tips: The bottom of this wave pool is notorious for causing injuries. It is VERY rough and the waves can easily knock you over and bounce you along the bottom scraping anything it comes into contact with. Since inner tubes are not allowed in the pool, you'll want to hang on tight to anybody that might not be strong enough to stand upright when the larger waves roll in (even in the shallow area the waves can still pack quite a punch!).

Castaway Creek

An amazing and relaxing 2,000-foot-long lazy river that winds its way around the perimeter of Typhoon Lagoon.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Yes
Tips: Save this attraction for later in the morning and early afternoon when the lines for the slides are the longest.

Children's areas

Ketchakiddee Creek

This water-based play area is specially designed for children 48 inches or shorter and features fun, interactive shallow areas for free play as well as several mini-slides, fountains, and even a cave complete with a waterfall.

Height req.: 48 inches or shorter
Suitable for: Guests 48 inches or shorter
Recommended? Definitely if you are traveling with a little one!
Tips: This is a great spot to let your little one splash and play while older siblings are off on the bigger attractions (parents must supervise their children at all times).

Bay Slides

These fun-sized slides (beginner versions of the more thrilling Storm Slides) are conveniently located on the edge of the Surf Pool.

Height req.: 60 inches or shorter
Suitable for: Children 60 inches and shorter
Recommended? Yes
Tips: Since these slides are in a secluded spot of the Surf Pool you don't have to worry about the big waves knocking your little one down.

Restaurants and dining at Typhoon Lagoon

[restaurants park_location=”in” park_name=”TL”]

How to get to Typhoon Lagoon

How to use Disney buses to get to Typhoon Lagoon

Disney offers buses directly to the water parks from all of the Disney resorts.

To make getting around painless while you’re on your trip, we have an easy and free WDW Prep School Navigator that you can save to your phone.

To use the navigator, you simply enter your starting and ending point and it will give you all the different options you have to get from point a to point b – perfect for when you’re trying to find the best way to get to Typhoon Lagoon.

Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon parking

If you prefer to drive at Disney World, you’ll be happy to know that parking at Typhoon Lagoon is quick, painless and FREE.

If you’ll have a car while on your trip we highly recommend driving versus taking a bus since parking is free, and if you don’t change out of your wet swimsuit before you leave it’s more comfortable to ride back to your resort in a car versus a freezing bus.

Typhoon Lagoon cabana (Beachcomber Shacks) and Getaway Glen rental information

If you’d like a guaranteed spot to have as a home-base while on your visit to Typhoon Lagoon, Disney offers a couple different options. To book either you’ll need to call (407) WDW-PLAY.

Sometimes there are same-day spots available. You can check on those at the Singapore Sal’s inside the park.

Beachcomber Shack (cabana) rental

Price: around $360 with higher prices during busier times (price does not include park admission)

Number of guests: up to 6

What’s included: a shaded, private deck (no roof but there is tons of shade and an umbrella) with towels, cushioned seating, a locker, refillable drink mugs, and a cooler with ice. Additional beverages and snacks can be purchased and there are attendants on hand to take your order and deliver it back to you.

Getaway Glen Umbrellas rental

Price: around $75 with higher prices during busier times (price does not include park admission)

Number of guests: up to 4

What’s included:  2 reserved loungers, 2 reserved beach lounge chairs, a table, a beach umbrella, and towels

What to bring to Typhoon Lagoon

Like any water park, there are some items you’ll probably want to have with you. We’ve got you covered and you can find all of our recommendations for what to bring to Typhoon Lagoon on our Ultimate Disney World Packing List.

What about towels at Typhoon Lagoon?

Beach towels can take up a lot of room in a suitcase. Instead of packing one we recommend renting one, and the plus for on-site guests is that towel rental is now complimentary.

Cost to rent towels at Typhoon Lagoon:

  • On-site Disney Resort guests: Free for resort guests
  • Offsite guests: $2 per towel

Does Typhoon Lagoon have lockers?

YES! Putting your valuables in a locker is the only way to guarantee they won’t walk away while you’re out having a good time on the slides.

How to rent a locker at Typhoon Lagoon

Nearby the lockers you’ll find electronic kiosks that you’ll use to process the locker rental. To use the kiosk you indicate the size of locker you want (regular or large) and then pay (with either cash or credit card). After you pay you are then allowed to select a personalized 4-digit PIN code that you will use to open your locker.

Locker rentals at Typhoon Lagoon are good for the entire day.

Cost to rent a locker at Typhoon Lagoon:

  • Regular (12.5″ x 10″ x 17″) – $10 per day
  • Large: (15.5″ x 13″ x 17″) – $15 per day

Life Jackets at Typhoon Lagoon

Life jackets are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

There will be multiple stations where guests are able to pick up a life jacket. If you encounter one that is empty, guests have reported having good luck finding plenty of life jackets at the exit/entry points for the lazy river.

Guest are allowed to bring their own Coast Guard-approved life jackets; however, for safety reasons the use of a personal life jacket is at Disney’s discretion so they may ask you to switch over to one of their vests.

Swimwear for Typhoon Lagoon

Water slides can be brutal on swimsuits, so if you’re planning on tackling any of them make sure your wearing a suit that will stay in place. Also, suits with any exposed metal of any kind (including rivets) or buckles are not allowed on the slides.

Swim diapers

As with all pools at Walt Disney World, if your child is still in diapers they must wear either plastic pants or swim diapers in the pool area.

Disney resort refillable mugs & water parks

Just like the resorts, the Disney Water parks also have refillable mugs. However, your resort mug won’t work at the stations in the water parks. You can either purchase a sticker (for roughly $8.50) that when affixed to your resort mug will activate the drink refill stations or you can buy a new mug (for about $12 plus tax).

The mugs/stickers are good for 1 day; however, you can bring your mug back on subsequent trips and save a few bucks by just purchasing a new sticker.

Surfing at Typhoon Lagoon

The wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon makes for the perfect place for both beginning and experienced surfers to hang ten.

For those with experience you can reserve a private session with 100 waves for you and 24 of your closest friends and family. Guests that book a private surfing session will pay a pretty penny, though. Prices for this experience start at $1100.00.

Looking to learn how to surf? You can do that, too. Typhoon Lagoon offers surfing lessons on select days before the park opens. This is a great opportunity in a controlled environment to learn the basics for surfing.

Surf lessons are $190 each and can be booked by calling (407) WDW-PLAY.

Should I visit Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon?

Can’t decide between the 2 parks? We’ve pitted them against each other in the ultimate Battle of the Disney Water Parks to help you decide which is the best option for your family.


Do you have thoughts or questions about Typhoon Lagoon? Feel free to share those in the comments.

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