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Disney quietly increases ticket prices

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Disney quietly increases ticket prices

Price increases are rarely fun for the consumer. So, as you can imagine, Disney isn’t going to want to shout it from the rooftops when they decide to increase anything, including when they make the move to raise their ticket prices.

In fact, you might even try to understand why they would just want to quietly increase tickets without any fanfare at all.

Because that’s just what they did.

February 2022 Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increases

Thanks to some sharp eyes, shared the news yesterday evening that Disney has snuck in an increase for multi-day tickets.

It is important to note that price increases this time of year aren’t that unusual. They are expected, actually.

However, with the introduction of flexible date pricing for tickets (which was announced in September 2018), it is a little lot trickier for the average traveler to even notice a price change.

That is definitely good for Disney. And, if you are the type of traveler that would just “prefer not to know,” it is probably okay for you, too.

But, for travelers who are trying to budget for future trips or for those who like to see exactly where their vacation dollars are going, it can be frustrating to have to hunt down the changes.

Here’s a look at how this latest price increase looks:

Walt Disney World Base tickets (AKA Standard Tickets) price increases

These are the most basic tickets that allow you to visit 1 park per day.

  • 1-3 day no change
  • 4 day was $434.83 – $596.74, now $447.70 – $596.74
  • 5 day was $463.56 – $630.85, now $484.52 – $646.87
  • 6 day was $477.79 – $645.91, now $496.43 – $672.25
  • 7 day was $492.06 – $661.56, now $511.10 – $694.96
  • 8 day was $518.17 – $678.83, now $545.19 – $716.20
  • 9 day was $536.00 – $691.93, now $563.46 – $738.66
  • 10 day was $553.69 – $703.65, now $582.09 – $752.40

Walt Disney World Park Hopper tickets price increases

A Park Hopper ticket will allow you to visit more than 1 park per day (you can hop after 2:00 pm).

  • 1-2 day no change
  • 3 day was $415.77 – $555.88, now $416.37 – $555.88
  • 4 day was $525.35 – $687.27, now $540.89 – $687.27
  • 5 day was $554.09 – $721.38, now $572.47 – $739.92
  • 6 day was $568.32 – $736.44, now $586.96 – $762.77
  • 7 day was $582.59 – $752.08, now $601.63 – $785.48
  • 8 day was $608.69 – $769.36, now $628.04 – $810.55
  • 9 day was $626.53 – $782.46, now $649.96 – $827.00
  • 10 day was $644.22 – $794.17, now $671.55 – $841.86

Walt Disney World Park Hopper Plus ticket price increases

Park Hopper Plus allows you to visit more than 1 park per day (you can hop after 2:00 pm), plus gives you a certain number of visits to the following (note: some experiences may be currently unavailable): Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, ESPN Wild World of Sports Complex, Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, and one round of mini golf each (prior to 4 pm) at Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Courses.

  • 1-2 days no change
  • 3-day Park Hopper Plus was $437.07-$577.18, now $437.67-$577.18
  • 4-day Park Hopper Plus was $546.65-$708.57, now $559.53-$708.57
  • 5-day Park Hopper Plus was $575.39-$742.68, now $593.53-$761.22
  • 6-day Park Hopper Plus was $589.62-$757.74, now $612.02-$784.07
  • 7-day Park Hopper Plus was $603.89-$773.38, now $622.98-$806.78
  • 8-day Park Hopper Plus was $629.99-$790.66, now $653.57-$828.03
  • 9-day Park Hopper Plus was $647.83-$803.76, now $678.94-$844.66
  • 10-day Park Hopper Plus was $665.52-$815.47, now $698.43-$863.16

Is the magic gone?

Whenever there are any changes at Walt Disney World (either in pricing or operations), it is normal for repeat WDW visitors to pause for a minute or five to ask themselves, “Is this too much?”

And, to be perfectly fair, in the past 2 years there have been lots and lots of changes everywhere – not just at Walt Disney World or even Disneyland.

cinderella castle

Some of the changes we’ve seen, especially those that are for the health and safety of guests and Cast Members, have been forced due to the pandemic.

But, the pandemic also provided an opportunity for many businesses – including Disney – to make major adjustments and tweaks to how they operate.

Some changes (like Genie+) were planned long before the parks shut down, and the shutdown just paved the way to make the transition from one system to the next.

And while we don’t know for sure, other changes, like the elimination of Magical Express, feel as if they were made as a reaction to the pandemic (rather than being planned before it happened).

We get it:

All the changes everywhere can feel overwhelming. Add into it that for many people, Disney isn’t “just” a vacation. There are a lot of emotions tied into the parks and the memories they bring guests.

But, planning a trip to Walt Disney World is way more complicated than it was 50 years ago, and that is frustrating. Some of the things that used to be “free” (which, to be fair, they were never really free, the price was just hidden in other costs) now are add-ons and that extra cost is right in your face.

spaceship earth

So, when you wake up and log into Twitter or FaceBook or Instagram and see that Disney has made yet another change by increasing ticket prices, it can often feel like the proverbial straw.

But, eventually, the “new” normal just becomes…the normal.

That doesn’t mean you or I have to like all the changes or even agree with some of the things that have happened. Long-time visitors in particular may find themselves with a hill to climb on the path to embracing accepting enjoying the way the parks are now.

And while we hope that magic does come back for everyone, we know that there will be some that find their magic (at least for the time being) elsewhere outside the Disney parks.

For us, it is our job is to figure out the best and most efficient ways to navigate the changes to help you plan your next (or first!) dream Disney World vacation. And we know undoubtedly that, even with the changes, that is still possible. Some of our best trips have happened in the past 2 years.

So, after we get past our disappointments and frustrations, for every change that is tossed our way, there is still a lot of stuff that we love about the parks and our visits there. A lot.

And, if you are a first-time visitor or you’ve only been going to WDW for a year or 2, this – the way the parks look now – is all that you know. And we bet that you’ll find a lot to love about the parks, too.

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