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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (facts, tips, & requirements)

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (facts, tips, & requirements)

Inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Seven Dwarfs Mine train is a fun, smooth, gem-filled coaster.

What makes it so much fun are the ride vehicles that swing side to side just as if you were mining along with Dopey and the gang.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland
  • Height Requirement: 38 inches
  • Description: An easy coaster with the intensity of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, obviously done with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs theme.
  • When to Visit: Typically at opening/within the first hour.
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Tip(s): It’s usually best to head straight to this ride when the park opens.
  • Scheduled Refurbishment: None scheduled right now.
seven dwarfs mine train

Everything You Need To Know About Seven Dwarfs Mine Train


You can find Mine Train in Fantasyland across from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Here’s the location on the map.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on Magic Kingdom map

Height Requirement

The height requirement for Mine Train is 38 inches. Be sure to check out our guides on WDW thrill rides and height requirements for attractions.

Rider Switch & Single Rider

The good news is that Rider Switch is offered for Mine Train. This is Disney’s system allowing guests with small children to take turns riding bigger rides, while another person/people wait with the little one.

As for a Single Rider Line (meaning you’d ride alone and enter this queue, instead of the Standby Line), it is not available for Mine Train.


Mine Train first opened on May 28, 2014 as part of the expansion of Fantasyland into New Fantasyland — and it became a fast hit with fans. Actually, this is the second Snow White-inspired ride at Magic Kingdom.

In May 2012, it was announced the former and classic Snow White’s Scary Adventures would be replaced with what is now known as Princess Fairytale Hall. And alongside this announcement, Disney revealed Mine Train would be built honoring the first Disney princess.

Snow White's Scary Adventures at Magic Kingdom

Even though Mine Train hasn’t been open for that long, there is history with the ride. The two vultures you see at the top of the mountain once you pull out of the loading area are from the original Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

You can see them here:

If that isn’t enough, the Snow White, seven dwarfs, and Evil Queen animatronics you see at the very end of the ride are also from Scary Adventures.

And if you want some more cool history, the attraction also features a first-of-its-kind ride vehicles that swing back and forth.


This queue goes both outdoors and indoors, with part of the line being completely outside and a portion of it covered, before entering the indoor queue.

Pay attention, because you’ll even get to see a replica of the dwarfs home as you wait outside and it is very cute. You get a better view of the cottage as you exit the ride.

dwarfs house in seven dwarfs mine train queue

There is also an interactive queue, allowing guests to sort jewels, wash gems with water spigots, and the ability to turn barrels filled with glowing stones. Regarding the latter, make sure you look up at the ceiling.

interactive queue for seven dwarfs mine train

Motion Sickness

Mine Train is a coaster that goes fast, has vehicles that swing side to side, and even incorporates tight turns. So, depending, this ride could cause motion sickness. We have a guide on motion sickness that’s filled with information and tips, so feel free to check that out.

Ride Vehicles

The Mine Train ride vehicles not only fit the theming perfectly, but, like we’ve mentioned several times already, actually swing.

seven dwarfs mine train ride vehicles

One ride vehicle seats a total of four individuals, with two people sitting side by side. There is also a lap bar that is pulled down to ensure the safety of guests. 

seven dwarfs mine train ride vehicles

Is It Kid-Friendly?

Mine Train is a very fun ride that kids love, but there are some things to keep in mind. First, this is the most intense coaster throughout Fantasyland. It’s far from “it’s a small world” or Peter Pan’s Flight.

We recommend having little ones test the waters first by riding Barnstormer in Storybook Circus. This coaster is short, fast, and the perfect amount of thrill to see whether or not kids will enjoy something along the lines of Mine Train.

We have a full guide on several other things that might scare little ones at WDW.

PhotoPass/On-Ride Photos 

When riding Mine Train, both a photo and video will be taken of you on the attraction.

seven dwarfs mine train photopass photo

When you ride with a MagicBand and a linked Memory Maker entitlement, your photo and video will automatically be uploaded to your My Disney Experience account. The same can be said if you’re a WDW Annual Passholder.

Be sure to read more on PhotoPass and how Memory Maker works.

seven dwarfs mine train photopass photo

So, where do you look for the photo capture? The first camera can be found on the left as you go down the first hill. Then, there is also a second camera as you turn at the bottom of that first hill, above you on the left.

It’s pretty fast, so good luck striking the perfect pose, but the photos and videos always turn out fun!


If you’d like, take a virtual ride on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train below!

Other Fun Details

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