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Mask-Free Relaxation Stations at Walt Disney World (w/maps & comparisons)

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Mask-Free Relaxation Stations at Walt Disney World (w/maps & comparisons)

Now that things have reopened and masks are required in some spots, Disney has introduced some new areas within the parks where guests can temporarily remove their face coverings.

These spots, called Relaxation Stations, are available in all 4 parks but exactly what you’ll find in each one varies.

And because of that, there’s definitely some pros and cons to each – with some even feeling safer than others.

Here’s what you can expect to find if you decide to visit a Relaxation Station at Walt Disney World.

UPDATE: Relaxation Stations Closed

Due to mask requirements being relaxed while outdoors and not in queues at Disney World, there is no longer a need for Relaxation Stations. At this time, all Relaxation Stations have been removed.

What you need to know

Masks are an important piece to keeping both guests and Cast Members safe, but for many of us that means making some minor adjustments on how we do things – primarily eating and drinking.

Staying hydrated in the Florida heat and humidity is challenging in the best of circumstances. 

But now with masks a requirement in some areas, we found being intentional about scheduling breaks – where we could safely remove our masks, cool off, and drink some water – crucial to our days in the parks.

Are Relaxation Stations the only place you can remove your mask?

The not-so-simple answer to this question is “no” – but that doesn’t mean you can remove your mask anywhere.

Disney’s policy states that masks must be worn in public spaces unless swimming OR actively eating and drinking (while stationary and physically distanced; you can’t be walking around). You can now also take your mask off briefly for outdoor photos.

And since every park has spaces where restaurants aren’t currently open or areas where benches are tucked away from guests walking around, there’s plenty of spots where you can sit down and remove your mask to take a drink or eat a bite.

The difference with the relaxation stations, though, is that when inside of one you can remove your mask without actively eating or drinking.

Of course, you can eat or drink while using a Relaxation Station at Disney World, but you don’t have to

Spacing, capacity, and time limits

One of the nice things about the relaxation stations at Disney World is the spacing.

Unlike other areas where physically distancing is set to 6 feet, at many of the Relaxation Stations spaces are spread out even further – typically at least around 8 feet.

Capacity is also controlled by Cast Members stationed at the front so these spaces won’t be overcrowded.

But, with capacity and space limits also come time limits.

On our 10-day visit we never encountered a Relaxation Station that was at capacity, and that is probably why Disney wasn’t informing guests as they entered about any limits.

However, after speaking with Guest Services we were told that in situations where guests are waiting to get inside, Disney will ask that visitors limit their time at the Relaxation Station to 30 minutes.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

When choosing which Relaxation Station to visit you’ll have a couple of choices in each park, including both indoor and outdoor options.

As for safety, the science shows that if you know you will be going without a mask, the outdoor options will be safer. It doesn’t matter if you’re dining or cooling off in a Relaxation Station: outdoor is your safest bet, so if you’re trying to limit unmasked time indoors, that is something to consider.

Comparing Relaxation Stations at Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Relaxation Station map

1. Fantasyland at Pete’s Silly Sideshow (indoors and air conditioned)

Pete's Silly Side Show Relaxation Station

The only indoor and air conditioned option, this space offers both tables as well as physically distanced spots on the ground for sitting or standing.

Pete's Silly Side Show relaxation station
Photo by Mackenzie Clark

There are restrooms nearby, however you must exit the location in order to access them.

2. Frontierland at the Golden Oak Outpost (outdoor with no shade or covering)

Relaxation Station Magic Kingdom

Probably our least favorite option in Magic Kingdom, this spot has very limited cover from either the sun or the rain.

Outdoor relaxation station Magic Kingdom

If in this part of the park and looking for a covered option for sitting and drinking water, there is a large outdoor section of tables that are covered at the nearby Tortuga Tavern.

There are restrooms nearby, however you must exit the location in order to access them.

3. Tomorowland – Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant (outdoor but covered, no air conditioning, restrooms nearby)

This is our favorite Relaxation Station in Magic Kingdom. 

Relaxation Station Magic Kingdom

It is covered from the sun and rain, but open to the outdoors (which makes it a bit safer than your indoor options).

There are restrooms nearby, however you must exit the location in order to access them.

Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom map

1. Discovery Island – Pizzafari (indoor and air conditioned)

Pizzafari relaxation station in Animal Kingdom
Photo by Mackenzie Clark

Your only air conditioned option, this spot is handy if you’ve been in Pandora, plus it offers plenty of tables and chairs for guests.

2. Asia – across from Up! A Great Bird Adventure (outdoor but covered, no air conditioning)

This is a great spot if you’ve been hanging out in the Asia section and need a face mask break. 

Animal Kingdom Relaxation Station
Photo by Mackenzie Clark

It is covered and has tables available.

Animal Kingdom relaxation station
Photo by Mackenzie Clark

There are restrooms nearby, however you must exit the location in order to access them.

As an added bonus, this Relaxation Station is quite close to where the Animal Kingdom Character Cruises float by. Just make sure if you jump up to see one that you put your mask back on!


Epcot Relaxation Stations

1. United Kingdom – next to Rose & Crown and Yorkshire Fish Shoppe (outdoor with some umbrellas)

Relaxation Station

This spot is in a lovely location near the water (which gives you pretty views while you rest). 

Epcot Relaxation Station
Photo by Mackenzie Clark

The umbrellas here are on the tables, so depending on the angle of the sun (or the rain) you may not be well protected.

2. Future World – between Mission: SPACE and Test Track (outdoor with some umbrellas, limited chairs)

This spot has some umbrellas attached to tables and a limited number of chairs.

And honestly, these table-but-no-chair options are our least favorite.

There are restrooms nearby, however you must exit the location to access them.

3. Norway – inside Akershus restaurant (indoor and air conditioned)

Relaxation Station

The only indoor and air conditioned option in Epcot, this Relaxation Station is inside with restrooms.

Epcot Relaxation Station

This location felt the most crowded out of any that we visited – probably because excess tables weren’t removed to enforce physically distancing.

Instead, signage has been placed on the tables to indicate which tables are available.

Hollywood Studios

hollywood studios map

1. Galaxy’s Edge next to Rise of the Resistance (outdoor with some umbrellas, limited chairs)

This spot is probably our least favorite in Hollywood Studios, simply because it is so out in the open.

There are tables (with umbrellas next to them) and some umbrellas you can stand under, but there isn’t much protection from the sun and rain.

There are restrooms nearby, however you must exit the location in order to access them.

2. Animation Courtyard inside Star Wars Launch Bay (both outdoor and covered area and an indoor and air conditioned area; limited seating indoor but you can sit on the carpet)

Since the meet and greets and movie that are typically shown are not operating right now, this space has been turned into a Relaxation Station.

Relaxation Station Hollywood Studios

This location is unique in that there are some outdoor spots (covered and with both benches and standing options) as well as plentiful indoor spots for guests.

The one downside to this location is that a majority of the indoor spots are at standing tables or simply a dot on the floor where you can stand or sit.

Relaxation Station Comparison Chart

Walt Disney World relaxation stations

Relaxation Station Tips

Bring your own hand sanitizer. Ideally, the dispensers Disney has placed at the entrances and exits will be full, but it is pretty common (at least right now) to come across some that are empty. Make sure you have your own with you just in case.

Make sure the tables are clean. Cast Members are stationed nearby to clean tables as guests leave, but if you have any doubts if your table has been wiped down, either be prepared to wipe it down yourself (if you carry sanitizing wipes with you) OR ask a Cast Member for assistance. 

Have a drink handy. Use the mask-free time to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

Be ready with a safe spot to set your mask. The safest thing to do is to store your dirty face masks separately from anything “clean.” A Ziploc bag works great for this.

Wash your hands. This one goes without saying, but wash your hands. Ideally, scrub them up good before you enter and then carefully remove your face mask by the ear straps and store it away without touching it. And, of course, scrub your hands after you leave, too.

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