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How to thank Disney World Cast Members

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How to thank Disney World Cast Members

We’ve never had a Disney World trip where Cast Members didn’t create some kind of magical moment during our time there.

Big things. Little things. And always with a smile.

If you’ve visited before you know just how important those magical moments are because they are probably what hooked you into being a lifelong fan. It is what sets the Disney parks apart from other theme parks and it isn’t overstating things to say that the Cast Members are the heart of what we love.

Even though we place Disney and the Disney theme parks up on a magical pedestal, the truth is that sometimes during your trip things may go wrong or mistakes might happen. 

As you can imagine, that creates stressful situations, many of which are outside of the control of anybody on those front lines. But in the middle of all of the stress, many Cast Members still manage to make magical moments for guests. 

Thanking them goes a long way. Here’s how you can do it.

Submit Cast Compliment in My Disney Experience app

The preferable way to submit a compliment to Disney is to use the My Disney Experience app. Disney added a Cast Compliment section where you can go to fill out your submission.

From there, you can fill in all of the details.

Leave a Cast Compliment at Guest Services

We love thanking Cast Members with this method because the guest service Cast Members often hear more complaints than good news.

Remember: the more information you have about the Cast Member, the location, and the interaction the better as that will help ensure that the correct Cast Member receives the recognition they deserve.

Walt Disney World Guest Services Locations

All theme parks have Guest Service locations both inside and outside of the gates. Hours for Guest Services are during the normal operating hours for whichever park or location you’re visiting.

Magic Kingdom

  • Inside City Hall on Main Street U.S.A.
  • Outside the front gates, to the right of the ticket tapstiles as you’re walking into the park


  • Outside main entrance, to the right of the ticket tapstiles as you’re walking into the park
  • Outside of the International Gateway entrance between the tapstiles and the Skyliner station

Hollywood Studios

  • Just outside of the tapstiles to the left as you’re walking into the park
  • Just inside the park, to the left as you’re walking into the park

Animal Kingdom

  • Just outside of the tapstiles to the left as you’re walking into the park
  • Just inside the park, to the left as you’re walking into the park

Blizzard Beach

  • Near the entrance

Typhoon Lagoon

  • Near the entrance

Disney Springs

  • At the Disney Springs Welcome Center in the Town Center section

ESPN Wide World of Sports

  • Near the entrance

Call or email

You can always send an email or place a call to Disney World guest communications.

Again, the more information or details you can provide (including Cast Member name, time, and location) the better.

Take your own thank you notes

In addition to the things above, you can hand out cute notes directly to Cast Members.

Something tells us if you go on your trip looking for things to be thankful for, you’ll find them.

These thank you notes are about the size of a small postcard and you might choose to write on the back if you’d like to add a special note.


To download the high-res images, click on the pics above and then save them to your computer.

To download in Word or PDF formats, use the files below.

Download Thank You Notes in Word format

Download Thank You Notes in PDF format


Questions or other ideas for saying thanks?

Please share in the comments.

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Shannon Albert

Jeffrey L Gery

Thursday 21st of February 2019

We were at EPCOT Thursday 2/14 of this year. Wondering what to do for lunch. As we were passing by the Morocco Pavilion, we stopped at the Spice Road Table. None of us had ever eaten there before. We had all eaten at the restaurant, but not here. The host Khalid was most gracious. Answering all of our questions. Our server Khalil was most pleasant. Our party of 4 was myself and 3 lady friends from out of state. He made our lunch the highlight of the day. The girls also like him, because he is so very handsome. These two young men deserve recognition. They both went out of their way to make us all feel special. I guess I should note that I am a 38 year cast member myself. I know how much recognition is appreciated.

Brenda Caraway

Monday 15th of April 2019

I wanted to say I enjoyed my last trip to disney! Thanks for enlarging the numbers on the Buzz Light Year ride I could see them the second time! I enjoyed beauty and the beast I got lucky and got front and center I was so excited. I am legally blind I usually get stuck in the back where I can't see. I miss alot.


Sunday 30th of December 2018

The cast member who played Gaston on Monday Dec 17th was amazing. And very handsome, if I do say so myself lol. He played the part perfectly and made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. I'd love to know his name to thank him.


Sunday 15th of July 2018

I want to thank John the boat driver never had so much laughter from fort wilderness to the contemporary resort! He deserves a raise!!

Joy McGraw

Friday 16th of March 2018

My granddaughter and i were at Animal Kingdom on March 13. We were trying to figure out how to use the app when a wonderful employee started helping us. We were trying to get fast passes for Avatar. She was great and got us passes for flight is avatar and the boat journey through avatar. It made my granddaughters trip wonderful. Thank you Ari V. I hope you get credit for being so wonderful!!

Jeremiah Ciola

Saturday 13th of January 2018

I wish I knew her name but I was nervous. Whoever was in charge of the Magic Kingdom tea cups was really nice and she had red hair and was really cute. I wish I could find her but later I didn’t see her. Tea cups at 10:00 am. January 13th. 2018.