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Starbucks at Disney World – here’s everything you need to know

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Starbucks at Disney World – here’s everything you need to know

Hot or iced, served with a shot of espresso or a dash of cinnamon, for many people their days don’t officially start until they’ve had that first cup (or 2) of coffee.

If you’re visiting Disney World you may not realize that you can find your favorite Starbucks drinks at all four of the parks and at Disney Springs, too.

Check out the tips and maps below to learn all there is to know about Starbucks at Disney World.

Starbucks at Disney World is often not called Starbucks

In the parks, the Starbucks locations aren’t actually called Starbucks so you might walk on by without realizing it.

Here are the names and locations in each park.

Note: mobile ordering in the Starbucks app is not available in the parks.

Starbucks at Magic Kingdom

Main Street Bakery, located on the right side after you enter and walk down Main Street.

Magic Kingdom Starbucks at Disney World

Starbucks at Epcot

The former Starbucks location at Epcot was called Fountain View and you used to be able to find it near the now demolished Fountain of Nations that was just past Spaceship Earth.

The new (temporary) location (which opened up December 20, 2019) is called “Traveler’s Cafe”. You can find it near the Refreshment Port at the entrance of World Showcase.

Epcot Starbucks

Starbucks at Hollywood Studios

Trolley Car Cafe, located on the right side at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset.

Hollywood Studios Starbucks at Disney World

Starbucks at Animal Kingdom

Creature Comforts, located on the left just before the bridge to the Africa section.

Starbucks at Disney Springs

There are 2 locations in Disney Springs – a smaller location located near the World of Disney store, and a much larger location located by the water near the AMC Disney Springs 24.

Disney Springs starbucks

Fun facts about each of these locations:

  • In the larger location in the West Side, there’s a screen where you can see the Disneyland Starbucks location and its visitors (and they can see you).
  • At the smaller Marketplace location, you can order delivery to wherever you are in Disney Springs. Just download the official Starbucks app, make sure your credit card is linked, touch the Order tab, select the Marketplace location, and then order your item(s). Call the location at 407-279-2794 to let them know where you’re located in Disney Springs and they’ll bring it to you. This service is available 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Starbucks at Disney Springs

Order Starbucks at Disney World before the park opens

You can order Starbucks at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios before the park is officially open because the area that they allow guests to enter while they wait includes the Starbucks locations.

Lines can be long, but they do move relatively quickly.

Payment options for Starbucks at Disney World

Use Disney Dining Plan credits to order Starbucks treats

Almost everything on the menu is considered a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan, and if you get a drink with lots of extra flavors in it, it becomes a really good value of a snack credit because you would have paid $8 or 9 out of pocket (and anything $5+ is considered a good snack credit value).

Starbucks gift cards & Reward Points

Starbucks gift cards are accepted at all Disney World Starbucks locations; however, you can only use your Starbucks Reward Points at the 2 Disney Springs Starbucks locations.

Disney gift cards at Starbucks

Disney gift cards are accepted at the Starbucks locations at Disney World.

Starbucks App

The Starbucks app works for payment at all locations at Disney World and you can earn Stars (but not Bonus Stars). However, you can only redeem free drinks at the locations at Disney Springs, not in the parks.

Menu is a combo of Disney and Starbucks items

Each location has favorite Starbucks treats, but also offers Disney-specific things like specialty cupcakes and Mickey-shaped things.

Starbucks at Disney World

Purchase exclusive Disney mugs at Starbucks locations

At these locations, you can purchase the popular “You Are Here” mugs that feature each park (as seen in the pic), and recently new ceramic mugs have started to pop up in the Disney World locations.

These mugs are exclusively available at Disney World.

Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club discounts are available on merchandise, including the mugs.

Starbucks at Disney World

Watch the video

Check out this video on Starbucks at Disney World.


So what do you think? Have any questions we didn’t answer? Let us know in the comments.

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Shannon Albert


Thursday 9th of January 2020

Can you redeem starbucks rewards for Disney merchandise?

Mary Cirincione

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

I am wondering the exact same thing! I know 400 points will get you an item valued at $20 or less, but is this the case at the Disney Springs locations? If so, I will need to save up and grab them next time I'm there!


Saturday 28th of December 2019

Any idea if you can use Starbucks’ 2020 January refill tumblers at any of the Starbucks on Disney property? I called Starbucks and they didn’t know if they are “participating locations”. Customer service even put me on hold and tried calling those locations directly, but were put through the usual WDW phone menu and couldn’t reach the locations to inquire.

Michelle Hartin

Saturday 22nd of June 2019

Can you use the Starbucks gift cards for special Disney cupcakes at the Main Street bakery or is use restricted to Starbucks beverages?


Friday 10th of January 2020

I have this same question!!

Josie V

Monday 23rd of July 2018

You mentioned at the end of the video that there would be a link on " to get it delivered to where you're at...", but I can't find that information anywhere. Can you assist? Thanks!

Sean J.

Tuesday 15th of May 2018

Great Info, thank you!! I'm an annual park visitor and we're heading to WDW in 2 weeks and I'm dying to get my hands on the current "You Are Here" mugs from each park because Starbucks is retiring the current line to make way for a new design! I'm hoping and praying they'll still be around when we get there!

Thanks also for outlining each Starbucks location in the parks! As many times as I've been there I've never thought about if Starbucks is available inside the parks until this year during my search for the mugs, so it's nice to know each park for sure has a location and what the names are!

You should create your own app for all these tidbits!