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Walt Disney World Is Reducing Physical Distancing In ‘Many Areas’

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Walt Disney World Is Reducing Physical Distancing In ‘Many Areas’

Walt Disney World has announced yet another change to its health and safety measures.

On Wednesday, May 12, Disney World updated its physical distancing policy announcing that the six-feet distancing measures that have been put in place since the parks reopened in July 2020 will be reduced.

It’s important to note that physical distancing will be reduced gradually and not in every area.

Here’s the full update as it reads on the official website:

“Temporary adjustments are still in place to promote physical distancing. While we will reduce physical distancing measures for Guests across many areas with a gradual, phased approach, six-feet distancing measures will continue in all dining locations, merchandise stores and in areas where Guests can temporarily remove their masks.”

To be clear, six-feet distancing measures are continuing in dining locations, shops, and other areas where guests are allowed to remove their masks temporarily (like when taking outdoor photos).

But, physical distancing measures will be reduced gradually in other areas. While Disney didn’t state exactly what these “many areas” include, it seems most likely this change will at least go into effect for attraction queues.

space mountain queue

On May 5, Disney also announced it would be phasing out temperature screenings.

Per Disney World’s official website, “Following the advice of the CDC and our local health officials, we will phase out onsite temperature screenings at Walt Disney World Resort for Cast Members beginning May 8 and Guests on May 16.

The appropriate face coverings are still required for guests ages 2 and older. There are also other health and safety protocols still in place.

As Disney previously stated, “We will continue to follow the guidance of health and safety leaders going forward and most importantly encourage people to get vaccinated.”

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