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Disney World Villa Resorts

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Disney World Villa Resorts

Guests needing more space or those wanting some of the traditional trappings of home may find that the Walt Disney World Villa Resorts to be the perfect fit.

With sizes ranging from studios all the way up to three bedroom Grand Villas, the accommodations found in the Villas offer the best that Disney has to offer paired with the conveniences you typically find in an apartment or timeshare.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Check out the info below.

Disney World resort categories

The Walt Disney World Resort is huge, and outside of its 4 main theme parks, 2 water parks, shopping district, and sports facilities, it is also home to over 2 dozen different resorts with a total of over 30,000 rooms.

All of those resorts and rooms means you have a ton of options to choose from when planning your vacation.

When trying to decide which resort is best for your family, many people start by looking at average prices and resort amenities.

While most hotels and resorts in destinations outside of Disney World are grouped and designated by “stars” (such as 3 star hotels or 4 star hotels), Disney World instead groups their resorts with similar prices and amenities by the following terms:

Disney World Villas are the perfect choice for families that need more room but still want to stay on-property and near where they can access the same amenities of a Deluxe-level resort.

Beach Club Yacht Club and Boardwalk Inn

List of Disney World Villa resorts

Disney World Deluxe Villas are all part of Disney’s version of a timeshare program that they call “Disney Vacation Club”.

Even though the resorts are technically part of a timeshare, a few rooms at each resort are typically left for general (non-DVC) bookings and guests are also able to rent DVC points from owners in order to stay there.

Disney World has 13 main resorts at the Villa level:

As you can probably tell by the names, many of the Villa resorts are located in the same spot (and share the same amenities) as a Deluxe-level resort.

Those that don’t (like Old Key West and Saratoga Springs) do still offer the same deluxe and upscale amenities you find at the other Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts.

Saratoga Springs Walt Disney World Villa Resorts

Villa resort room sizes

The average room size for a studio (the smallest room category for the Villas) is approximately 360 square feet.

Want to see how that stacks up against other resort categories?

Check out the comparison chart below.

Disney World resort average standard room size chart

The difference between the Villas and the other resort categories is the availability of 1, 2, and even Grand Villa-sized (3 bedroom) accommodations.

While the other resort categories may have “suites”, the larger-sized Villas offer more of the trappings of home complete with a kitchen, washer & dryer (for 1 bedroom and larger sized units), and a bit more room to spread out.

Depending on the resort, rooms may be accessible via interior OR exterior hallways

The resorts that are comprised totally of Villas (like Old Key West and Saratoga Springs) have exclusively exterior entrances to rooms (and the buildings look like upscale apartment buildings). Others, however, may have interior hallways.

Villa resort prices

Disney World Villa resorts are at the top end when it comes to price with a studio at Old Key West (typically one of the least expensive options) starting at around $400/night for guests booking directly through Disney.

Rooms, however, can typically be booked with a significant discount by renting DVC points from a Disney Vacation Club owner.

Old Key West balcony

Discounts at Disney World Villa resorts

Most Villa resort rooms (except for the Grand Villas) are eligible for discounts, though availability may be very limited, particularly during Free Dining.

Most people don’t realize that just because a discount is out and the resort you plan on staying at is eligible to have that discount does not mean you will automatically get the discounted price.

Discounts have to be applied (either by initially booking under the discount or modifying an existing reservation to include it), but once the number of rooms that Disney has made available to be booked under a discount have been secured, that’s it.

More availability for rooms at a discount won’t open up unless somebody cancels or Disney decides to release more rooms.

Villa resort theming

The theming at Villa resorts is gorgeous and the most elaborate of all Disney World resorts.

Polynesian Bungalows

Swimming pools at Villa resorts

Unlike the Value resorts, the nicely-themed pools at the Villa resorts have slides.

Villa resorts also have quiet pools available.

The best swimming pool at a Villa resort is definitely definitely Stormalong Bay, which is shared by the Beach Club, Beach Club Villas, and Yacht Club resorts.

Dining options at Villa resorts

Each Villa resort offers a Quick Service option, at least 1 Table Service restaurant, a lounge bar, and a pool bar.

Pizza delivery is also available.

Transportation at Villa resorts


Some resorts allow you to walk to a theme park.

For example, you can walk to Magic Kingdom from Bay Lake Tower.

Want to walk to Epcot or Hollywood Studios? You can do that from The Beach Club Villas and the Boardwalk Villas.


The Villa resorts on the monorail will allow you to take a monorail to Magic Kingdom.

Those resorts are Bay Lake Tower, Polynesian Resort Villas and Bungalows, and The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian.

There’s also a monorail to Epcot that you can catch from the Magic Kingdom monorail.

However, that process often takes a long time.

You’re better off using another route to get to Epcot.

Disney Skyliner

In addition to buses, guests at Riviera Resort (as well as Pop Century and Art of Animation, which are Value resorts) have access to the Disney Skyliner.

The image below reflects the proposed station at Hollywood Studios and in true Disney fashion the stations look like they will be almost as cute (and well themed) as the gondola cars themselves!


The Magic Kingdom-area resorts and Epcot-area resorts also have boats available.

Though not usually the quickest transportation method, these boats give you another option to get to nearby resorts and park(s).


All Deluxe resorts have buses available, but you may be surprised to learn that most of them share buses with other Deluxe resorts.

That means that once you get on, you’ll likely have other stops as you come and go from places at Disney World.

Bus to the Polynesian


In 2018, Disney began charging all resort guests for parking. The cost for parking at a Deluxe resorts is $25/night.

If you are thinking about driving to Disney World or if you are planning on renting a car, we recommend you take a look at our giant post all about parking at Disney World.


There you go! Hopefully we covered everything you’d want to know about the Disney Villa resorts. Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments.

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