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Best Values At Epcot Food and Wine 2021

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Best Values At Epcot Food and Wine 2021

It’s no secret that visiting Walt Disney World costs money, especially when it comes to eating and drinking.

And if you attend one of Epcot’s seasonal festivals? Well, that’s a whole other expense.

If you’re looking to save money (or at least get your money’s worth) at this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, go no further.

There are several booths that not only serve up decent-sized food portions, but that are also reasonably priced.

Festival items can certainly be overpriced, especially when you’re being served smaller plates. But, you can get your bang for your buck by focusing on the following offerings and booths at this year’s Food and Wine.

Keep in mind that not everything at the booths listed are best values, but there are still quite a few options. We point out what you may want try when it comes to both portion and pricing.

Now, let’s chat the best values at Epcot Food and Wine 2021.


A WDW Prep School favorite

Mexico booth food and wine festival epcot

Just like the Mexico pavilion, the Mexico booth is a popular one and for good reason.

This year’s booth is definitely a hit. Not only are the food offerings tasty, but you’re served a hefty portion compared to many other plates featured at the different marketplaces.

mexico booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

As you can see below, the Chilaquiles con Chorizo was one of our favorites (minus myself, who is a vegetarian).

Do you see the serving size? It’s basically the entire plate. Plus, it only costs $7, which really isn’t bad for food purchased at Disney, let alone an Epcot festival.

Here’s a look at our reviews and ratings for this particular offering.

Chilaquiles con Chorizo

Crispy corn tortillas tossed in salsa verde and monterey jack cheese topped with crema Mexicana, queso cotija, pickled onions, and ground chorizo.

Chilaquiles - Mexico

Price: $7.00
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 4.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Generous portion, delicious taste, nice mild kick.
Heather: Spicy and salty and very good. The spice level might be a bit for delicate mouths. Just an all-round good mix of textures and flavors.
Felicia: I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did but it’s delicious. So flavorful and the perfect mix of meat, cheese, and corn tortilla. The tortillas were not crispy as the description suggests, but I still loved it. I also dislike chili powder flavor and I didn’t get that in this dish.

The Mexico booth at this year’s Food & Wine is definitely not to be missed.

If you want to spend less money by making sure you’re eating filling dishes, this is the outdoor kitchen to try.

Read more about the Mexico booth at this year’s festival.

Refreshment Outpost

refreshment outpost booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

You do not want to sleep on the Refreshment Outpost (between China and Germany).

If you’re unaware, this is a permanent Quick Service spot at Epcot and not strictly part of Food and Wine.

In addition to exclusive festival offerings, you can also order standard theme park food here, like soft-serve ice cream, hot dogs, frozen drinks, and other beers.

As for this year’s festival items, there’s a plant-based Spicy Githeri with white beans, pigeon peas, quinoa and ancient grains medley, and kachumbari slaw.

Refreshment Outpost Epcot Food and Wine Menu

You definitely get your bang for your buck with the Spicy Githeri. Look how much you get! And for — wait for it — $4.75! What?

Here’s why we enjoyed it so much.

Spicy Githeri

Githeri is a Kenyan dish traditionally made with corn and beans. This spicy githeri is made with white beans, pigeon peas, Ben’s Original Quinoa & Ancient Grains Medley, and kachumbari slaw.

Spicy Giheri - Refreshment Outpost

Price: $4.75
Special Diets: Plant-based
Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Decent portion, fantastic combo of flavors, great plant-based option.
Heather: I’m gonna call this one a sleeper…lots of flavor, great texture and a huge portion. Win. Win. Win.
Felicia: I don’t love this. It has a nice spice to it but not a flavor I appreciate. It’s also dry and just not for me overall.
Allyson: As a vegetarian, this is fantastic. The flavors are phenomenal and a very good portion.

In addition to the Spicy Githeri, you can order a full-sized Allspice Hard Cider brewed by 3 Daughters Brewing and it is seriously good, if you’re a cider fan.

Yes, the beverage is a little pricey at $9.75, but remember you’re paying for a big beer and it’s Disney. Also, it pairs really well with the Spicy Githeri.

Read more about Refreshment Outpost at this year’s festival.

The Noodle Exchange

the noodle exchange booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

While The Noodle Exchange wasn’t one of our favorite booths (except for the Playalinda Brewing Company Yaupon Brothers Green Tea Pale Ale — so good!), big portions are served here for a decent price.

Just look at the menu:

the noodle exchange booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Now, you may not want a bowl of pho or noodles on a hot day, but these are super light dishes.

Out of all of them, we enjoyed the Shrimp and Coconut Curry Rice Noodles.

Take a look.

Shrimp and Coconut Curry Rice Noodles

Shrimp and Coconut Curry Rice Noodles served with shiitake mushrooms and a savory thai basil.

Shrimp Pho - Noodle Exchange

Price: $6.25
Special Diets: Gluten-friendly
Rating: 5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Fantastic mix of flavors. Spicy food lovers will love this.
Felicia: This has a nice amount of heat to the spice and I love it. This is great.

For only $6.25 (this is the most expensive, the other food items are only $5.50), you’re definitely not breaking the bank and also getting a satisfying dish.

Read more about The Noodle Exchange at this year’s festival.


Brew Wing booth Food and Wine festival

This is yet another booth that we found to be just ok.

The options are pretty basic, but the portion sizes are nice, along with the prices.

Brew Wing booth Food and Wine festival

Brew-Wing is a good choice if you’re not comfortable going outside of your food comfort zone.

You can order, you guessed it, wings, and also flatbreads. This might be a good choice if you’re traveling with picky eaters.

Now, the wings weren’t anything out-of-this-world, but they’re not horrible. They’re wings. Plus, you get plenty that you can eat all by yourself or even share.

Let’s take a look at the Garlic Parmesan Wings.

Garlic Parmesan Wings

Classic bone-in chicken wings coated in garlic parmesan sauce and served with celery and ranch.

garlic parmesan wings with celery at epcot food and wine 2021

Price: $7.50
Special Diets: Gluten friendly
Rating: 3.7/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Fine but flavors a bit too mild.
Heather: Decent flavor, but a little bit dry.
Felicia: The garlic and parmesan flavors are relatively mild and the wing is nice and crispy.

This is also a good booth to try if you like cider and beer.

We really liked the Wicked Weed Brewing Watermelon Dragonfruit Session Sour. For a sour, this isn’t sour at all and tastes more like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. It’s super refreshing!

You can even order a flight of beer or a flight of cider — each for only $9.75.

Read more about Brew-Wing at this year’s festival.

Earth Eats

A WDW Prep School Favorite

earth eats booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

The Earth Eats booth is hosted by Impossible, meaning the menu is completely plant-based.

As much as we highly-recommend the Impossible Burger Slider (and the Spiced Apple Twinings of London, Chai Tea with Whiskey), there is one menu item that’s full of flavor — and worth the size and cost.

earth eats booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

It’s the Impossible Three-Bean Chili!

This chili certainly wouldn’t be our first choice on a hot summer day, but if you want something filling for a decent price, it’s a great option.

Just look this chili!

Impossible Three-Bean Chili

A plant-based and gluten-friendly chili made from Impossible meat, which is a meatless ground-beef substitute.

Chili - Earth Eats

Price: $5.50
Special Diets: Gluten-Free, Vegan
Rating: 4.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Solid flavors but hard to imagine eating in the hot festival weather.
Heather: I’m not a chili fan and I’m not a vegetarian but I really liked this. Not too spicy, and not too thick.
Felicia: This is good and tastes just like normal chili. Couldn’t tell it was plant-based. I wouldn’t want to eat it outside in the heat, though.
Allyson: This is full of great flavor and very good, but not the best option for a hot day.

If you want to eat an entire bowl of chili yourself, this should be your go-to. If not, this is very shareable.

Seeing as Food and Wine runs through Nov. 20, you can always wait to try this when the weather cools down (you know, cools down for Orlando, that is).

Read more about Earth Eats at this year’s festival.

Flavors From Fire

A WDW Prep School Favorite

Flavors from Fire Food and Wine Festival booth menu

Flavors from Fire’s entire menu is spot-on. Yes, it’s also full of flavor and fire.

As you can see on the menu below, you get a lot for your money. We recommend the entire booth, but the two savory options outweigh the S’mores Whoopie Pie-lon.

flavors from fire booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

For example, there’s no shortage of the Corned Beef Corner Route that only costs $5.50.

The Corned Beef Corner Route

Crispy potatoes topped with smoked corned beef, cheese curds, pickled onions, and beer cheese fondue.

Corned Beef - Flavors from Fire

Price: $5.50
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Wow. Didn’t know what to expect but the flavors all come together so nicely – and with a nice crunch from the potatoes.
Heather: Can confirm that the cheese curds squeak in your teeth. Smoky. Warm. Creamy. All my favorite things.
Felicia: Absolutely loved this. The cheese sauce is delicious and goes well with the cheese curds. The corned beef is slightly smoky and delicious and the onions add a nice pickled flavor.

You really can’t go wrong here.

If you don’t want to run around to different booths, just eat at Flavors from Fire. Both your stomach and wallet will be satisfied.

Read more about Flavors From Fire at this year’s festival.


A WDW Prep School Favorite

germany booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

You can never go wrong with the Germany booth.

From the Schinkennudeln (say that 5 times fast), to the Roast Bratwurst, to the Apple Strudel, to, of course, the beer, this is your typical German food — but worth your time and money.

germany booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

We especially loved the Schinkennudeln, which is pasta gratin with ham, onions, and cheese.

The portion size also helps! And, it only costs $4.50.

Just look at this cheesy goodness. Admittedly, I wish there was a vegetarian version of this, but maybe next year? *fingers crossed*


Schinkennudeln is pasta gratin with ham, onions, and cheese. This dish is also part of Emile’s Fromage Montage, the cheese crawl, where you can earn a prize.

Schinkennudeln at epcot food and wine germany

Price: $4.50
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Looks great, decent portion, but lacked much flavor.
Heather: I really love all the things at this booth. And “pasta with meaty bits” is not only my nickname, but it is also exactly how I’d describe this German delight.
Felicia: This was delicious. Like a baked macaroni with little chunks of ham mixed in. Not too creamy, which I loved.

Again, you can’t go wrong with Germany. Plus, there’s plenty of seating to kick back, relax, and enjoy all of the goodness you’re about to eat.

Read more about the Germany booth at this year’s festival.

Refreshment Port

A WDW Prep School Favorite

refreshment port food and wine

Similar to Refreshment Outpost, Refreshment Port (on your right as you head towards Canada) is another permanent Quick Service spot that serves festival exclusives.

Specifically, poutine.

refreshment port menu epcot

There is both the Traditional Poutine and the Braised Beef Poutine.

The Traditional costs less at $7.50. Actually, we preferred this over the Braised Beef, which is priced at $9.50.

You certainly get your money’s worth and the Traditional is worth every penny.

Traditional Poutine

French fries topped with Boursin Cracked Black Pepper crumbles, cheese curds, and brown gravy.

Traditional Poutine - Refreshment Port

Price: $7.50
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Nicely sized, incredible taste in the cheese.
Heather: French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds is my love language. It’s really, really good – salty but GOOOD.
Felicia: The cracked black pepper is a surprisingly delicious and important addition to this. Fries were fresh and crispy and the whole dish had great flavor.

If you’re also in the mood for dessert, we can’t recommend the Maple Boursin Cheesecake enough. It’s a $4.50 slice of heaven.

Oh, and the Playalinda Brewing Company Luna Lemonade Ale? A $9.75 glass of perfection.

Read more about Refreshment Port at this year’s festival.

The Swanky Saucy Swine

the swanky saucy swine

What a name! The Swanky Saucy Swine serves up a variety of pork dishes.

They are all reasonably priced, too, especially the Crispy Pig Ear Salad. I know, the name isn’t doing the dish any favors.

But, some of us here at WDW Prep School were pleasantly surprised by this item, which only costs $5.25. You also get a lot!

the swanky saucy swine booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Thankfully, this salad looks much more appetizing than you might think. You probably wouldn’t even guess what it contained if you didn’t know.

Either way, you get a generous portion for a decent price — and you can be an adventurous eater in the process.

Crispy Pig Ear Salad

A salad made with crispy pig ear, fire roasted tomatillo sauce, pickled red onions, queso fresco, roasted corn salsa, and avocado cream.

Pig Ear Salad - Swanky Saucy Swine

Price: $5.25
Special Diets: Gluten-friendly
Rating: 3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Name may scare many away, but presentation is nice and flavors blend together nicely.
Heather: No.
Felicia: If you aren’t bothered by the idea of eating pig ears, this is surprisingly tasty. The accompaniments are delicious together and overshadow (for me) the fact I’m eating pig ear.

If you’re not a pork fan, you’ll probably want to steer clear of The Swanky Saucy Swine. But, if you are, definitely give it a try.

Read more about The Swanky Saucy Swine at this year’s festival.

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina

Tangierine Cafe booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Tangierine Café in the Morocco pavilion reopened during Food and Wine as a festival marketplace.

Called Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina, the menu features three kinds of Grilled Kebabs, a Fried Falafel Pita (this can be hit or miss, depending who you ask), Stone-baked Moroccan bread with three dips, and a beautifully delicious Pistachio Cake.

Tangierine Cafe booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

We preferred the Pistachio Cake out of everything, but the Stone-baked Moroccan Bread is another hit.

Bread? Yes, please. Dips? Double yes, please.

For $5, you can’t go wrong here.

Stone-baked Moroccan Bread

Moroccan bread baked on a stone and served with hummus, zaalouk, and zhoug dips.

Stone Bread - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.00
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Didn’t expect much but ended up loving the soft, warm bread. All dips delicious but especially loved the green/Zhoug dip.
Heather: Warm bread and flavorful dips. Delicious!
Felicia: Absolutely delicious. Warm fluffy bread. The hummus is good, the zhoug is tart and full of cilantro, and the zaalouk has a great spice.
Allyson: The bread was soft and the dips? All three are so good, especially the hummus! Love!

Typically, Tangierine Café is no stranger to serving all kinds of goodness, especially for vegetarians.

And if you just want a quick snack, the Stone-baked Moroccan Bread and dips is the way to go.

Read more about Tangierine Café at this year’s festival.

The Alps

the alps booth food and wine epcot 2021

The Alps booth is located directly by the Germany booth.

There are two similar savory options, but the one is great for vegetarians because it comes without ham. There is also a sweet menu offering.

Plus, beer, wine, and a Frozen Rosé (this was delicious).

the alps booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

As you can see below, both Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese dishes (with and without ham) were two of our favorites.

If you want a smaller and filling meal, get this! If you want something shareable, get this! The dish with ham is more expensive, but it’s only priced at $5.50. The Warm Raclette without ham is $4.50. Talk about a steal!

Here’s a look at our reviews and ratings.

Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Alpine Ham

Warm, melted Swiss Raclette cheese served with Alpine ham, baby potatoes, cornichons, and baguette bread.

Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Baby Potatoes and ham

Price: $5.50
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 4.5/5

Our Thoughts

Heather: HUGE portion. And, very good flavor. Loved the little pickles, but there was kind of a funky cheese smell.
Felicia: I loved this. It is hearty, huge serving, and so flavorful. The potatoes are soft, the cheese has a sharp, pungent flavor, the ham is salty and delicious. And the pickles add a nice vinegar kick. Would gladly get this and the frozen rose as a meal.

Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Baby Potatoes

Warm, melted Raclette Swiss cheese served with baby potatoes, cornichons, and baguette bread.

Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Baby Potatoes

Price: $4.50
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 4.3/5

Our Thoughts

Heather: Just like the one with ham, but without the ham.HUGE portion. And, very good flavor. Loved the little pickles, but there was kind of a funky cheese smell.
Felicia: Exactly the same as the other savory item at this booth but this one is served without the ham. Good option for those that don’t eat meat or don’t care for ham. If you do like ham, would suggest the ham version over this one.
Allyson: A really great vegetarian option and a nice portion size. Definitely shareable! Loved the pickles, which added a nice crunch. You can’t go wrong with cheese, potatoes, and bread.

You should definitely check out The Alps booth. Not only are there two hearty options with good portion sizes, but you aren’t forking over a ton of money for either dish.

Read more about The Alps booth at this year’s festival.

Lobster Landing

Lobster Landing Booth

Lobster Landing is a new booth for the 2021 Food & Wine Festival. You can find it near Test Track and next to the new Creations Shop in World Celebration.

The marketplace serves, you guessed it, lobster-inspired dishes. But, there is one particular menu item that makes a decent meal and isn’t that expensive.

Lobster Landing menu

As you can see below, you get a lot of Lobster Chowder for $7.50! This is something that you could share or eat all by yourself and call it a meal.

Of course, chowder isn’t the best on a hot Disney day, but during the cooler temperatures, it might make a great option!

Lobster Chowder

Lobster chowder made with bacon, corn, potatoes, and oyster crackers.

Lobster Landing Chowder

Price: $6.75
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 1/5

Our Thoughts

Felicia: This is fishy and doesn’t have great flavor. And there is almost nothing less appealing than eating hot, creamy, heavy seafood chowder in the Florida heat.

If you’re ll about seafood, especially lobster, this new Food & Wine booth will be right up your alley.

Read more about Lobster Landing at this year’s festival.


spain booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Spain is a returning booth at Food & Wine. You can find this marketplace in between Germany and Italy.

If you’re a shrimp fan, you might enjoy the Spanish-style Paella that’s served here. Plus, guess what? It only costs $5.50.

spain booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Do you see that photo? That’s rice, chorizo, and shrimp in a bowl. Look how much you get for one serving!

This is really a good value and an offering many of us enjoyed. It’s a solid choice if you want a protein-filled dish and something that will fill you up compared to other festival dishes.

Spanish-style Paella   

Spanish-style paella made with rice, chorizo, and shrimp.

Spain Paella

Price: $5.50
Special Diets: Gluten-friendly
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Felicia: I really liked this paella. I’m generally a fan of paellas but didn’t have high expectations for this. It isn’t as flavorful or exciting as others I’ve had, but thought it was solid for an Epcot food both. The shrimp was decent sized and cooked well and the sausage had good flavor.

If you want something a bit lighter, we also recommend Spain’s Charcuterie cup!

Read more about the Spain booth at this year’s Food & Wine.

Mac & Eats

Mac and Eats Booth

Like Lobster Landing, Mac & Eats is another new booth at this year’s Food & Wine Festival.

Actually, it’s located directly next to Lobster Landing, meaning you can order some macaroni and cheese if you’re over by Test Track.

Mac and Eats Menu

You really can’t go wrong with any of these mac and cheese menu items, but the Truffle Macaroni & Cheese is our favorite.

And you get a good serving for $5.75. While not exactly shareable, you’re served a decent portion for just one person.

Plus, it tastes amazing!

Mac and Eats Truffle Mac

This is also a good booth if you’re traveling with picky eaters or little ones.

Read more about Mac & Eats at this year’s festival.


India Booth

The India booth is a good stop as you make your way around the World Showcase. You’ll find the marketplace between China and the Refreshment Outpost.

All 3 food options are pretty decent here, but if you want a dish that’s a bit more filling and on the less expensive side, India has two menu offerings just for you.

India Menu

You can order the Korma Chicken for only $5.25 and the Madras Red Curry for $5.00. What?!

These are both reasonably priced. Not to mention, the serving sizes aren’t minimal — at all.

Let’s take a look at both.

Korma Chicken

Korma chicken served with Basmati rice, crispy chickpeas, and a spiced yogurt sauce.

Korma Chicken

Price: $5.00
Special Diets: Gluten-Friendly
Rating: 5/5

Our Thoughts

Heather: I loved this. The flavor was spot on and the chicken was delicious. The seasoning was perfect for my mouth!
Felicia: Super delicious chicken. Tender and the sauce is full of flavor. The crispy chickpeas add nice texture. Huge portion, too.

Madras Red Curry

Madras Red Curry served with roasted cauliflower, baby carrots, chickpeas, and Ben’s Original Basmati Rice.

Madras Red Curry

Price: $5.00
Special Diets: Gluten-Friendly, Plant-Based
Rating: 3/5

Our Thoughts

Heather: Just okay – and too spicy for me.
Felicia: Not much flavor, the texture isn’t great (grainy from the chickpeas and mushy from the other vegetables) and the rice is nothing special.
Allyson: A very tasty vegetarian option and a really good portion size. But, if you don’t like spice or heat, avoid.

FYI: The Warm Indian Bread is good too! Maybe you’ll want to order all 3 and make yourself a meal?

Read more about the India booth at this year’s festival.

Food & Wine Booth map

Check out all of the booths for the 2021 Food and Wine Festival on the map below, including our favorite overall booths, favorite items at each booth, and locations for indoor seating.

Save to your phone to easily reference later.

2021 Food and Wine Festival Map with WDW Prep Favorites

Food & Wine Festival Booth links

Ready to explore more Food & Wine Festival booths? Take a look at the links below for menus and reviews.

Food and Wine Festival data

Want to see all our reviews in 1 spot?

Clicking on the link below will allow you to copy our data into a Google Sheet that you can then use for your Food & Wine planning purposes.

WDW Prep School Food and Wine Data

Epcot Food and Wine Festival data screenshot

Read more about this year’s Food & Wine Festival

Be sure to check out the following links to our Epcot Food and Wine Festival posts, where we provide all kinds of information, tips, and much more.

Here’s everything we’ve put together so far!

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