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Tangierine Café Menu and Review (2021 Epcot Food & Wine Festival)

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Tangierine Café Menu and Review (2021 Epcot Food & Wine Festival)

If you’ve been missing the Tangierine Café in the Morocco pavilion, maybe the new Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina booth will make up for it.

The marketplace sells traditional Moroccan-inspired cuisine, including grilled kebabs, a plant-based falafel pita, a pistachio cake dessert, and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

While the drinks aren’t that noteworthy (except for the Fig Cocktail), there are several solid food items here.

Specifically, we couldn’t get enough of the Pistachio Cake. Not only does it make for the perfect Instagram photo, but it’s beyond delicious.

Tangerine cafe all the food from food and wine festival

What also makes Tangierine Café nice is the many tables and chairs provided for guests. Even Restaurant Marrakesh is being used as an indoor seating area, so keep that in mind.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Tangierine Café booth, including reviews, photos, and our must-trys.


Location: Near the Morocco Pavilion
Nearby booths: Greece, Brazil, Belgium
Nearby seating areas: There is indoor seating inside Tangierine Café, including plenty of outdoor seating. Plus, Restaurant Marrakesh (in the back of the pavilion) is being used as an indoor seating area.
Not to miss: Pistachio Cake with Cinnamon Pastry Cream and Candied Walnuts (both pretty and delicious)

Food and Wine Festival - Tangierine Cafe booth location map

Tangierine Café Booth Menu


Our RatingMenu ItemPriceSpecial DietDisney Dining Plan Snack?
3.8/5Fried Falafel Pita with Tahini Sauce (new)$5.25PBN/A
2.7/5Lemon-Garlic Chicken Kebab with Couscous, Tomato-Onion Salad, and Garlic Aïoli (new)$5.75N/A
2.3/5Moroccan Spiced Lamb Kebab with Couscous, Tomato-Onion Salad, and Garlic Aïoli (new)$5.75N/A
2.7/5Harissa-marinated Beef Tenderloin Tips Kebab with Couscous, Tomato-Onion Salad, and Garlic Aïoli (new)$5.75N/A
5/5Stone-baked Moroccan Bread with Hummus, Zaalouk, and Zhoug Dips (new)$5.00N/A
4.5/5Pistachio Cake with Cinnamon Pastry Cream and Candied Walnuts (new)$4.75N/A
GF = gluten friendly, PB = plant-based, KF = kid friendly


Our RatingMenu ItemPriceMade with Alcohol?
3/5Fresh Orange Juice (non-alcoholic; new)$4.75No
2.3/5Fresh Blood Orange Juice (non-alcoholic; new)$5.25No
3.5/53 Daughters Brewing Fig Hard Cider, St. Petersburg, FL (new)$5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)Yes
2.5/5Bold Rock Ginger Turmeric Hard Cider, Nellysford, VA (new)$5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)Yes
2.3/5Woodchuck Cinnamon Nutmeg Hard Cider, Middlebury, VT (new)$5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)Yes
3.8/5Fig Cocktail with White-Cranberry Juice and Fig Vodka (new)$11.00Yes
N/ACider Flight$9.75Yes
Tangerine Cafe booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Photos & Reviews

Fried Falafel Pita

A pita pocket filled with fried falafel and topped with a tahini sauce.

Fried Falafel Pita - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.25
Special Diets: Plant-based
Rating: 3.8/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Good tahini sauce, but found the falafel kind of plain.
Heather: Really flavorful. The only negative was there wasn’t enough tahini!
Felicia: This is a little dry but has great flavor. Not bad for a vegetarian option.
Allyson: Tastes just as good as I remember when Tangierine Café was open. Great option, especially for vegetarians and vegans.

Lemon-Garlic Chicken Kebab

Lemon-Garlic chicken served with couscous and cucumber onion salad.

Chicken Kebab - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.75
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 2.7/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Didn’t taste the lemon or garlic and found the chicken dry.
Heather: Little bit chewy but not too bad.
Felicia: This was pretty good. The chicken was moist but not a ton of flavor.

Moroccan Spiced Lamb

Moroccan Spiced Lamb served with couscous and cucumber onion salad.

Lamb Kebab - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.75
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 2.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Weird texture, dry, didn’t like the taste.
Heather: Great flavor! The best of all the kabobs.
Felicia: Not a great flavor or texture and tasted bitter and burnt.

Harissa-marinated Beef Tenderloin Tips

Beef tenderloin tips marinated in harissa, a hot chili pepper paste, served with couscous and cucumber onion salad.

Beef Kebab - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.75
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 2.7/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Slightly spicy, hard to chew.
Heather: Good flavor, but dry.
Felicia: Nice flavored steak but a little tough and dry.

Stone-baked Moroccan Bread

Moroccan bread baked on a stone and served with hummus, zaalouk, and zhoug dips.

Stone Bread - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.00
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Didn’t expect much but ended up loving the soft, warm bread. All dips delicious but especially loved the green/Zhoug dip.
Heather: Warm bread and flavorful dips. Delicious!
Felicia: Absolutely delicious. Warm fluffy bread. The hummus is good, the zhoug is tart and full of cilantro, and the zaalouk has a great spice.
Allyson: The bread was soft and the dips? All three are so good, especially the hummus! Love!

Pistachio Cake

A vibrant green pistachio cake stuffed with cinnamon pastry cream and candied walnuts.

Pistachio Cake - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $4.75
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 4.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Delicious flavors, light texture, nice size, loved the icing.
Heather: Absolutely delicious! I loved this cake. Not too sweet, great filling – and beautiful!
Felicia: Surprisingly delicious. The cake is moist with a mild pistachio flavor that pairs well with the cinnamon cream. The walnuts add a nice crunch.
Allyson: Soooo good. Love this!

Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh Orange Juice.

Orange Juice - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $4.75
Made with Alcohol?: No
Rating: 3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Not even quite as good as a basic OJ.
Heather: Good for what it is – orange juice, but because everything else here has such great flavors, it makes the juice a little underwhelming.
Felicia: Light and fresh orange juice. Well executed if you’re interested in fresh squeezed juice.
Allyson: Really good fresh orange juice for orange juice. A nice option for kids and if you want something non-alcoholic.

Fresh Blood Orange Juice

Fresh Blood Orange Juice.

Blood Orange Juice - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.25
Made with Alcohol?: No
Rating: 2.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: No sweetness, bland.
Heather: I think I would like this better with vodka.
Felicia: Very acidic and tastes more like fresh grapefruit than orange.
Allyson: This wasn’t bad and was refreshing, but I like the fresh orange juice better.

3 Daughters Brewing Fig Hard Cider

A hard cider made with figs, brewed by 3 Daughters Brewing of St. Petersburg, FL.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

Fig Hard Cider - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Light and delicious.
Heather: Best out of the flight! Really solid cider.
Felicia: More tart than the other ciders at the festival, but overall tastes like sweet apple juice… just like every cider tastes like to me. Don’t recommend to those that don’t like apple.
Allyson: This is tasty, but has somewhat of a strong fig taste.

Bold Rock Ginger Turmeric Hard Cider

A hard cider flavored with ginger and tumeric, brewed by Bold Rock Hard Cider in Nellysford, VA.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

Ginger Turmeric Cider - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 2.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Light but lacking much flavor.
Heather: I did not enjoy this one. Turmeric didn’t suit my taste buds.
Felicia: Don’t like cider. The ginger and turmeric is light and adds interest to the cider.
Allyson: A nice and light cider that has a good crisp to it.

Woodchuck Cinnamon Nutmeg Hard Cider

A spiced hard cider made with nutmeg and cinnamon, brewed by Woodchuck Cider in Middlebury, VT.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

Cinnamon Nutmeg Cider - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 2.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Cinnamon and nutmeg flavors come through, but not a very good taste overall
Heather: Meh.
Felicia: Way too sweet and the nutmeg doesn’t come through.
Allyson: It’s just woodchuck cider, aka you can get it most places. I wouldn’t waste money on this at a festival.

Fig Cocktail

A cocktail made with fig vodka mixed with white-cranberry juice.

Fig Cocktail - Tangierine Cafe

Price: $11.00
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 3.8/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Loved this. Pretty presentation, nice size, good balance of juice and alcohol.
Heather: Delicious! Large size, and who knew there was such a thing as fig vodka?!?!
Felicia: This is a very pretty drink but is too sweet and tastes too much like sugary cranberry juice.
Allyson: I wasn’t sure about the fig vodka, but I really enjoyed this drink. But, I didn’t enjoy smelling the figs on top as I drank it.

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