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Best Seating Areas At Epcot Food And Wine 2021

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Best Seating Areas At Epcot Food And Wine 2021

As important as figuring out what you want to eat and drink at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival (check out our favorite booths), there’s another factor you need to take into account — where you’ll sit when you sample all that delicious food!

Epcot festivals are popular, there’s no denying that. Plus, crowds have definitely returned to Walt Disney World.

Let’s also not forget that about the 50th anniversary celebration, meaning even more people will be showing up not just at Magic Kingdom, but at Epcot to experience the festival, the opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and the debut of new nighttime spectacular Harmonious.

And when you have your hands full of food and flights of beer, the last thing you want to do is resort to eating off the top of a trash can (if you know, you know).

Although there are typically lots of standing tables sprinkled throughout Epcot during Food & Wine, there are also some areas with tables & chairs – if you know where to look.

So, yes, knowing the best seating areas at Epcot Food and Wine 2021 is definitely something to research before diving into the festival.

With that, here are the best indoor and outdoor seating areas you need to know about before visiting Epcot Food and Wine.

Important — Current Mask Policy

Please note the following regarding Disney World’s latest policy when it comes to wearing face coverings.

If indoors, you are allowed to remove masks when you are actively eating and drinking.

UPDATE: Mask Policy

Starting February 17, 2022, face coverings will be optional for fully vaccinated guests in both outdoor and indoor attractions, queues, and restaurants. Guests who are not fully vaccinated will be expected to continue wearing face coverings whenever inside, including when on attractions and indoor theaters.

Guest visiting Walt Disney World ages 2 and older (including those who are vaccinated) must still wear masks on all enclosed transportation, including buses, monorails and at the Disney Skyliner.

Now that you know about masks, let’s chat seating areas at Epcot Food and Wine!

Best Food & Wine Seating Areas Map

We go into lots more detail below, but here’s a handy map of the best seating areas that you can save to your phone for when you’re in the park.

Food and Wine Seating Areas

Best Indoor Seating Areas

With Epcot Food and Wine kicking off in the middle of July (July 15, to be exact) and running through Nov. 20, the majority of the festival takes place during hotter temperatures.

And by hotter temperatures, that of course means it’s so hot that as soon as you walk outside you start to sweat. (Here’s how you can beat the heat in the summer.)

appleseed orchard full food and drink items

With most of the global marketplaces located outdoors, indoor seating with air conditioning and shade is a must.

You might also want to try to focus on the booths that either have indoor seating or are at least near an indoor seating area during the day, aka when it’s the hottest.

This way, you don’t have to sweat or overheat while you’re trying to enjoy your festival offerings.

Here are the best indoor seating areas to enjoy your food and drinks.

Note: If you’re not comfortable eating indoors during an ongoing pandemic, we go over our favorite outdoor seating areas further down in this post.

Epcot Experience

epcot experience odyssey events pavilion

First of all, the Epcot Experience is an attraction (not one you ride, but only watch) that shows all of the future changes coming to the park.

epcot experience seating area

It’s a really neat experience, with images and video projected onto a screen that wraps around 360 degrees.

Better yet, the Epcot Experience has plenty of tables and chairs for guests to use. There are also fun photo-ops inside, restrooms available, and a Food and Wine booth — Brew-Wing (wings, pizza, and beer).

The American Adventure

american adventure pavilion

The American Adventure isn’t just where you can go inside to check out exhibits or watch the 30-minute show inside the theater.

Here, there’s even an indoor seating area. There are both standing tables and a few tables with chairs.

american adventure rotunda seating - epcot

This isn’t normally an indoor seating area, but seeing as the Rotunda Bistro (a new booth for this year’s Food and Wine Festival) is inside the rotunda, it makes sense tables and chairs were added.

Sometimes the area can get busy when guests are waiting for the next showing of The American Adventure, but once it clears out, it’s usually pretty empty.

Restaurant Marrakesh

restaurant marrakesh in epcot's morocco pavilion

Restaurant Marrakesh can be found in the back of the Morocco pavilion as you walk through the marketplace.

This is typically a Table Service restaurant, meaning you can only enter if you have reservations or if a table is available.

But, currently (and it’s unclear for how long), the restaurant is being used as an indoor seating area for all guests.

restaurant marrakesh epcot morocco pavilion

Not a lot of people know this even exists (or that you can go inside and sit), which makes it a nice and empty indoor option.

Plus, it’s cool to have the option of being able to explore a restaurant that you might not make reservations for or that may be too expensive for your liking.

And it’s gorgeous! Be sure to take all of the photos and videos.

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina

Tangierine Cafe booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Tangierine Café at the front of the Morocco pavilion is a popular Quick Service location at Epcot.

It’s been closed since Disney World reopened in July 2020, but it recently reopened as a 2021 Food and Wine global marketplace!

tangierine cafe morocco pavilion epcot

This is a great spot, especially because there are indoors tables, chairs, and booths.

There isn’t a ton of seating, but it’s always good to have another option for tables and chairs that aren’t in the direct sunlight.

Canada Far & Wide

appleseed orchard - canada far and wide epcot food and wine

Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 is a show that plays inside the Canada pavilion. But, it’s not running during the duration of Epcot Food and Wine.

Why? Because it’s being used as the location for the Appleseed Orchard booth.

canada far and wide food and wine tables epcot

You order and pick up food where the show usually plays, but there isn’t seating.

However, if you keep walking through the set of doors to the left of the cash registers, there are several tables and barrels.

It’s also super cool and shady here, which is definitely needed on a hot day.

Best Outdoor Seating Areas

If there aren’t any nearby tables and chairs inside or you just don’t feel comfortable being indoors without a mask (while actively eating and drinking, of course), don’t worry, we have you covered.

Below is a list of the best outdoor seating areas in Epcot.

Hot tip: try to focus on booths with only outdoor seating (or if there aren’t booths near indoor seating) during the evenings. This way, it will be cooler and the sun won’t be out in full force.

France Gazebo

France Food and Wine all food items

If you’re looking at the France pavilion, to the right is a gazebo where Sleeping Beauty used to do character meet and greets.

Usually, there is one table with several chairs here that not only makes for a great people-watching spot, but is covered.

france tables epcot food and wine

There are also plenty of standing tables throughout the pavilion, along with other tables and chairs, especially in the back by Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie and L’Artisan des Glaces.

Area Next to Earth Eats

seating area epcot food and wine

As you walk from the Imagination! pavilion to the World Showcase, you’ll see the Earth Eats booth on your right.

Next, there is a big seating area with standing tables, covered picnic tables, tables and chairs, and Adirondack chairs.

outdoor seating area - epcot

This is really a great space if you need a spot to eat and drink. Or, better yet, if you need a place to rest your feet and take a break from the sun.

U.K. Pavilion

u.k. pavilion gazebo epcot

The U.K. pavilion used to have tables and chairs, but not anymore.

Instead, there are several standing tables throughout the entire pavilion, which aren’t our first choice.

That said, if you walk back by the gazebo, there are several benches. If you’re drinking or eating a dish that isn’t too messy, you can sit on a bench.

yorkshire county fish shop epcot

Better yet, this area of the U.K. pavilion is usually on the emptier side.

There is also the seating area next to Quick Service spot Yorkshire County Fish Shop. These tables have chairs and umbrellas, which are certainly needed during a hot day.

Morocco Marketplace

morocco pavilion seating - epcot

In addition to Restaurant Marrakesh and Tangierine Café, there is outdoor seating attached to Tangierine Café. A lot of the seating is covered, but some of the tables are in the direct sunlight.

morocco pavilion outdoor seating - epcot

If you walk into the marketplace, there is also a seating near a snack cart that sells sangria and other Mediterranean snacks.

There’s a lot of shade here too!

America Pavilion

hops & barley epcot food and wine - outdoor seating

America is another pavilion with a lot of outdoor seating.

First, near the restrooms and the Hops & Barley Food and Wine booth, there are picnic tables (covered and not).

hops and barley booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Quick Service spot Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue also has plenty of outdoor tables with umbrellas that you can use.

Germany Pavilion

outdoor seating - germany pavilion epcot

Epcot’s Germany is popular for both the food and the beer, so of course there are a lot of tables scattered around the pavilion.

There is a section towards the water with benches, picnic tables, and standing tables.

Germany Pavilion in Epcot

Inside the pavilion, you can usually also find tables and chairs, but they fill up fast. These tables are also typically in the direct sunlight and they don’t have umbrellas.

Lotus Blossom Cafe

Milk Tea - China

The Lotus Blossom Cafe is a Quick Service restaurant in the China pavilion.

While you may not be able to enter the actual dining location to sit down and eat, there are tables outside that you can use.

china food and wine booth menu items 2021

The Lotus Blossom Cafe also gives you some beautiful views of the China pavilion — and makes for the perfect photos.

Keep in mind that in addition to the areas we list above, there are plenty of standing tables scattered around the World Showcase during the festival.

These tables don’t have umbrellas and aren’t usually in the shade, which isn’t the best.

But, if you’re in a pinch, you should be able to find somewhere to at least stand and eat (without having to resort to a trash can!).

Food & Wine Booth map

Check out all of the booths for the 2021 Food and Wine Festival on the map below, including our favorite overall booths, favorite items at each booth, and locations for indoor seating.

Save to your phone to easily reference later.

2021 Food and Wine Festival Map with WDW Prep Favorites

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Clicking on the link below will allow you to copy our data into a Google Sheet that you can then use for your Food & Wine planning purposes.

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Epcot Food and Wine Festival data screenshot

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Here’s everything we’ve put together so far!

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