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Australia Booth Menu & Review (2021 Epcot Food & Wine Festival)

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Australia Booth Menu & Review (2021 Epcot Food & Wine Festival)

Back for the 2021 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, the Australia booth is located near Port of Entry, as you enter the World Showcase and walk towards the Canada Pavilion.

This was a pretty solid booth. The food options are all good, plus the pale ale is a nice accompaniment.

There’s even a nice outdoor seating area nearby, where you can relax and enjoy your purchases (and people watch in the process).

Australia epcot food and wine festival food

Here’s everything you need to know about the Australia booth, including reviews, photos, and our must-trys.


Location: Near Port of Entry
Nearby booths: Shimmering Sips, Refreshment Port, Canada
Nearby seating areas: Standing tables nearby, outdoor seating area with a range of tables (some with umbrellas) by Earth Eats and close to Starbucks, inside the Canada Pavilion at the exit of the theater where Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 plays (when coming from the entrance, there are tables through the doors to the left of the cash registers)
Not to miss: Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale, all the food

Food and Wine Festival - Australia booth location

Australia Booth Menu


Our RatingMenu ItemPriceSpecial DietDisney Dining Plan Snack?
4/5Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp with Pineapple, Pepper, Onion and Snap Peas$6.00GFN/A
4/5Roasted Lamb Chop with Sweet Potato Purée, Bush Berry Pea Salad and Pistachio-Pomegranate Gremolata$8.25GFN/A
3.5/5Deconstructed Pavlova with Pastry Cream, Citrus-macerated Berries and Lemon Myrtle Meringue$4.00GFN/A
GF = gluten friendly, PB = plant-based, KF = kid friendly


Our RatingMenu ItemPriceMade with Alcohol?
3.3/5Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale $5.00 (6 oz) / $9.00 (12 oz)Yes
3.3/5Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (new)$6.00Yes
2.5/5Robert Oatley Chardonnay (new)$6.00Yes
2.5/5Château Tanunda Grand Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon (new)$6.00Yes
N/AWine Flight$6.50Yes
australia booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

Photos & Reviews

Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp

Grilled shrimp seasoned with a sweet and spicy bush berry blend served on top of a mix of pineapple, peppers, onions, and snap peas.

Bush Berry Shrimp - Australia

Price: $6.00
Special Diets: Gluten friendly
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Delicious combo of flavors. Expected more spice but loved the flavors anyway.
Felicia: This was a solid shrimp dish. The shrimp was firm and the pineapple and veggie mix was a good combination of sweet and savory.

Roasted Lamb Chop

A roasted lamb chop served with a sweet potato puree, bush berry pea salad, and a pistachio-pomegranate gremolata.

Lamb Chop - Australia

Price: $8.25
Special Diets: Gluten friendly
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Lamb chop was good, but everything else even better – fantastic mix of flavors.
Heather: Loved the potatoes and the combo of pomegranate and lamb was delicious. I really enjoyed it. Thank you, Australia.
Felicia: This was good. The lamb was tender and flavorful. The pomegranate sauce on top added a nice sweetness and the sweet potato salad had a fresh mint flavor that went well with the lamb.

Deconstructed Pavlova

A deconstructed pavlova made with pastry cream, citrus-macerated berries, and lemon myrtle meringue.

Deconstructed Pavlova - Australia

Price: $4.00
Special Diets: Gluten friendly
Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Pretty presentation, nice size, loved all of the flavors. Sweet but not overwhelming.
Heather: Just give me a plate of the meringues. Had this not been deconstructed I probably would have liked it a lot more.
Felicia: The mix of fresh berries with pastry cream and meringue made for a tasty and light dessert. Great for the warm weather.
Allyson: This is nothing to write home about. I wasn’t wowed. It’s nice to have some fruit, but, just ok.

Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale

A classic Australian easy-to-drink pale ale with a malty aroma and a slightly hoppy finish.

Coopers Pale Ale - Australia

Price: $5.00 (6 oz) / $9.00 (12 oz)
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 3.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Nice light pale ale. Complements flavors of food sold at this booth nicely.
Heather: I wanted this to have a unique flavor but instead it was just kind of … generic.
Felicia: Very mild pale ale that is super drinkable. I liked this.
Allyson: This isn’t bad, but has a distinct pale ale taste. If you don’t like that, then pass.

Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

A bright white blend of sauvignon blanc and semillon grapes from the Margaret River region of Australia.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

Sauvignon Blanc - Australia

Price: $6.00
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 3.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Pretty bland. Wouldn’t order again.
Heather: Strong Sauvignon Blanc without being strong. Decipher that review.
Felicia: Solid Sauvignon Blanc. Would be happy to drink it again.
Allyson: As a non-wine drinker, I really liked this. Tasted dry to me and I love that.

Robert Oatley Chardonnay

A crisp and slightly oaky chardonnay from the Margaret River region of Australia.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

Chardonnay - Australia

Price: $6.00
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 2.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Not a great Chardonnay. There are better choices at this booth.
Heather: Nice flavor…but nothing special.
Felicia: This tastes like a standard Chardonnay with a bit of a lemon flavor at the end.
Allyson: The Sauvignon Blanc was much better than this.

Château Tanunda Grand Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon

A medium to full-bodied red wine from the Barossa Valley winery Château Tanunda.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

Cabernet - Australia

Price: $6.00
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 2.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Nice red. Not sure I would enjoy it alone but liked it with other booth food.
Heather: It just had a tang that I couldn’t relax and enjoy.
Felicia: Decent cab. Is good as part of the wine flight but wouldn’t order it on its own.
Allyson: I just don’t like Cabernet and don’t like this.

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